• Job Title: Delivery Coordinator / CSR Representative
  • Department: Customer Service
  • Employment Status: Full Time
  • Date Posted: September 23, 2016


O’Neill Nissan - Delivery Coordinator / CSR Representative O’Neill Nissan is proud to represent one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the country. Nissan has become an industry leader in both design and innovation. O’Neill Nissan has experienced strong growth and we expect that strong growth to continue in the future. As such, we are seeking a Delivery Coordinator / CSR representative to support us in our continued growth. The selected applicant will be responsible for, but not limited to the following: • Ensuring unit is PDI. • Inspect vehicles for damages and deficiencies, ensuring that all invoiced equipment is accounted for. • Taking direction from deal sheet provided for each transaction as constructed by Sales & Business office. • Working with Parts & Service departments to ensure that any accessories pertinent to the vehicle purchase are ready and available. • Ensuring work orders are opened, with all work to be performed outlined. • Coordinating with outside suppliers for install of accessories not provided internally. • Coordinating the application of chemicals and installation of accessories. • Booking vehicles into the detailing bay. • Inspecting vehicle once it has left detail bay, to ensure the vehicle is spotless and all accessories have been installed. • Vehicle to be ready for customer inspection and promised delivery time. • Performing post-delivery follow-up, to ensure customer satisfaction and that all expectations were met. Pay will be based on both salary and bonus. Applicants may apply in person to the Sales Manager; or by email to brian.elms@oagnf.net or jason@oagnf.net... Read More