Rick O'Neil

Rick O'Neil | Owner

Stephen Lundrigan

Stephen Lundrigan | General Manager

Phone: 709.368.6011 • Email: stephen@oagnf.net
Jason Richards

Jason Richards | Sales Manager

Jason grew up in the Goulds and had his first job in the automotive industry in 1999 and has been with Nissan since 2002.  Along the way Jason has advanced through the ranks from lot attendant to award winning Sales Consultant to the current Co-Sales Manager at O'Neill Nissan.  Jason is a Nissan Club Excellence Award winner since 2003 and has recieved many other distinguished awards along the way. Needless to say that for Jason, this is more than just a job but is a career that he thoroughly enjoys.

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 226 • Email: jason@oagnf.net
Wayne Simmons

Wayne Simmons | Sales Manager

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 284 • Email: wayne@oagnf.net
Kim Losinski

Kim Losinski | Sales

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 258 • Email: kim@oagnf.net
Roger Coffey

Roger Coffey | Sales

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 287 • Email: roger@oagnf.net
Kevin Stamp

Kevin Stamp | Sales

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 225 • Email: kevin.stamp@oagnf.net
Colette Fudge

Colette Fudge | Finance Manager

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 265 • Email: colette@oagnf.net
Alicia O'Leary

Alicia O'Leary | Finance Manager

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 230 • Email: alicia@oagnf.net
Jeff Senior

Jeff Senior | Finance Manager

Phone: 709.368.7678 Ext. 253 • Email: jeff@oagnf.net
Bob  Thornhill

Bob Thornhill | Service Manager

Phone: 709.368.3011 Ext. 241 • Email: bob@oagnf.net
Pamela Hunt

Pamela Hunt | Delivery Coordinator

Phone: 709.368.6011 Ext. 283 • Email: pam@oagnf.net
Jennifer  Tobin

Jennifer Tobin | Business Manager

Phone: 709.368.6011 • Email: jennifer@oagnf.net
Brian Howell

Brian Howell | Parts Manager

Brenda Burke

Brenda Burke | Accounting

Rod Snelgrove | Used Car Manager

Phone: 709.368.7678 • Email: rod@oagnf.net

Justin Brenton | Pre-Owned Sales Representative

Phone: 709.368.7678 • Email: justinb@oagnf.net